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Startups are different from conventional companies due to their nature of innovation and the capacity for growth and scalability in the short term. But be carefull. The success of startups doesn’t come only from a great idea or from the best conception of an innovative business. In the startups’ environment, team counts, experience guides, speed saves. If you are ready to take your idea off the ground, count on the experience of our ex startup founders to give you the support you need to immerse yourself in a very new and exciting way of entrepreneurship.

We will guide your team from the Product Scope definition to the Strategy and MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

What is the Product Scope?

The Product Scope is the start point. A structured process where our teams will deeply focus on the product vision from the perspective of users and investors and then define: objectives, deliverables, schedule, budget, etc. From this point, we will be able to create the right features for designing the MVP – Minimum Viable Product.

Why to build a MVP?

MVP – Minimum Viable Product – is the initial version of the workable product. This version should have enough features to attract users that will test and bring feedback to the product. It’s the opportunity to validate the project’s main assumptions while improving it early in the product development cycle.

Building an MVP is the quickest way to grow your business – especially if you use expert product builders to help you. It allows you to focus on the business vision. Bringing a team of experts on board will kick-start your business and get the ball rolling – and, in the beginning, is much quicker and safer than hiring an in-house team.

The quicker you can test your assumptions the quicker you can get to market. By saving time you will save a considerable amount of energy and money. And by cutting down the feature list to the essential core you’re not only reducing the risk but also reducing the costs.

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